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    Read Ahead To Find Out How Green Apple Cleaning Can Benefit Your Home Or Business

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Thorough cleaning of an indoor environment with eco-friendly cleaning agents can drastically reduce your risks for illness and disease. To learn more about potential dangers and how they affect your quality of life, read the following articles:

    • Check out the website for the Vancouver-based David Suzuki Foundation for an article detailing common toxic chemicals found in household cleaners and associated health risks.
    • Take a look at this slideshow from to learn about the dangers of mold and other hazards lurking in an unkempt home.
    • Read this publication to learn just how dangerous household dust can be.
    • Learn more about the importance of indoor air quality from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.
    • Explore this information from The Lung Association to learn about indoor air pollution and its effects on productivity in the workplace.

    To learn more about the benefits of professional house and office cleaners, contact Green Apple Home Cleaning at (866) 685-0321.

    Connecting the Dots Between Your Health and Home

    Last updated 2 years ago

    The spring sun pouring through your windows can add a little beauty to your day, but it can also make startlingly clear just how far behind you’ve gotten in your home cleaning. For most, the problem is far more than just a few odds and ends shoved into a dark corner. Air pollution in an indoor environment poses just as many potentially serious health risks as outdoor air pollution, and the fact that many Canadians spend the majority of their time indoors makes a clean home all the more important. Here are some common hazards to be aware of:

    Chemical fumes from household cleaners

    There is no requirement in Canada for manufacturers to warn their customers about the hazardous chemicals contained in their cleaning products. Every time you spray that bottle of window cleaner or disinfectant, those chemicals linger in the air and enter your lungs. Exposure can lead to blood disorders, reproductive problems, respiratory problems, irritation, allergic reactions, damaged nervous system, and cancer.


    Moulds are fungi that produce airborne spores that can exacerbate existing respiratory issues, trigger allergic reactions, and cause a variety of other illnesses. Moulds grow in damp environments like tubs, sinks, and basements, and can grow on practically any surface that holds moisture.


    Dust in contemporary homes has been found to contain microbial bacteria, which can cause asthmatic symptoms in children, and toxic chemicals. How can there be chemicals in dust? The culprits are all around you. A multitude of consumer products (furniture, carpeting, televisions, computers, mattresses, grooming products, and more) have been found to release thirty-five toxic chemicals in various combinations and quantities. 

    The best step you can take toward preventing illness and discomfort due to indoor pollution is to hire an eco-friendly house cleaning service. If you are in the Ottawa area and would like to learn more, contact Green Apple Cleaning Services. You can call us at (866) 685-0321 to speak to a member of our staff.

    3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Service for Your Office

    Last updated 2 years ago

    If you do not currently employ a professional cleaning service, here are three reasons why it would benefit your business to do so:

    1. A Clean Work Environment Increases Employee Health and Productivity. 

    The link between a healthy work environment and productivity is undeniable. An employee who takes less sick days and has more energy will typically provide high-quality work more consistently than one who is often sick. Air pollution stemming from uncleanliness and chemical residues in the workplace can cause and exacerbate many types of illnesses that will leave your employees uncomfortable, unhappy, and unproductive. Make sure to hire a cleaning service that uses eco-friendly cleaning agents to avoid adding toxic chemicals to your office’s environment.

    2. Hiring a Third Party Removes the Burden of Managing Extra Staff.

    Requiring your current staff to carry out cleaning duties distracts them from the job you originally hired them to do. They are not your maids. On the other hand, hiring your own office cleaning team just adds more staff to be managed and paid, and more supplies to be purchased. Hiring an outside cleaning service will make life easier for you and all of your employees.

    3. A Clean Office Is Pleasing to Clients.

    If you are in the type of business in which clients are frequently walking in and out of your office space, maintaining a spotless work environment is essential. You want your clients to want to come back to your office. Your office speaks volumes about the quality of work you do—make sure it says the right thing.

    If you want to maximize productivity and attract more clients with a clean office environment, contact Ottawa-based Green Apple cleaning services. Call us at (866) 685-0321 and learn more about our commitment to eco-friendly cleaning practices.

    Got Dust Bunnies? Call Green Apple House Cleaning

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Greenapple House Cleaning Services proudly uses green cleaners, among other eco-friendly cleaning methods. Contact us at (866) 685-0321 or visit our website to learn more.

    Thank You - Green Apple House Cleaning Review

    Last updated 2 years ago

    • on Cast Page
    • Just a quick note to thank you for coming out last minute and rectifying the situation do quickly! I am very impressed with the cleaning and thank you for a job well done!

      Have a great long weekend!


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