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    Common Cleaning Agents That Can Harm Your Indoor Air Quality

    Last updated 3 years ago

    While many people think that most pollutants come from outdoor sources, the air inside of your home may actually be more polluted than the air outside of your home. This is often the result of indoor pesticides, viruses, and biological irritants such as bacteria, animal dander, fungi, and dust mites. However, one of the biggest hidden causes of poor indoor air quality is common house cleaning agents:

    Hydrochloric Acid

    One of the most common household cleaning agents that can potentially harm your indoor air quality is hydrochloric acid. This substance is often found in toilet bowl cleaners and odour-eliminating products and is extremely dangerous if inhaled. In addition, products containing hydrochloric acid can be fatal if swallowed.

    Butyl Cellosolve

    Another chemical that can lead to poor indoor air quality is butyl cellosolve. This is found in many cleaning wipes, all-purpose cleaners, degreasers, rug shampoos, toilet bowl cleaners, floor polishes, tub and tile cleaners, and window cleaners. In addition to polluting your indoor air, products containing butyl cellosolve can cause irritation and tissue damage by breathing in the fumes.

    Sodium Hydroxide

    Sodium hydroxide—often found in dishwasher liquid or powder, laundry products, scouring cleansers, tub and tile cleansers, and oven cleaners—is another dangerous household cleaning product that is derived from lye. These products not only contaminate the air inside your home, but can also cause severe damage to your eyes, skin, mouth, and throat. Sodium hydroxide products have also been linked to liver and kidney damage.

    Ammonium Hydroxide

    Ammonium hydroxide is another dangerous cleaning agent that is found in upholstery and carpet shampoos. This ingredient is extremely corrosive and can cause damage to your skin, eyes, and respiratory system. Simply inhaling these fumes can lead to dizziness, nausea, sleepiness, disorientation, and loss of appetite.

    Don’t put your family at risk by using these dangerous household cleaning agents. Give Green Apple a call at (866) 685-0321 to learn more about our healthy house cleaning services. You can also visit our Ottawa website to learn more about our chemical-free cleaning technology.

    Need to Know: Cleaning Asthma

    Last updated 3 years ago

    The next time you’re getting ready to spend a Saturday afternoon cleaning your house, make sure to take a closer look at your cleaning products. Cleaning products aren’t just harmful to people who have asthma; they can also cause people who don’t have the disorder to develop it. As this video reports, even using a spray cleaner no more frequently than once a week can significantly raise your risk of developing asthma.

    When you need your home cleaned, call Green Apple, Ottawa’s premier house cleaning service, at (866) 685-0321. We will clean your house both safely and thoroughly; we use only chemical-free and non-toxic products, and our employees are trained, insured, and professional.

    Can't Get Enough Cleaning Tips? Check Out Even More Resources about Cleaning

    Last updated 3 years ago


    Keeping a clean home that is also healthy for the environment isn’t always easy. With the help of a premier home cleaning service and the following resources, making decisions that are good for your family, your wallet, and your planet can be easy:

    For green cleaning services in the Ottawa area, call Green Apple at (866) 685-0321.

    The Science behind HEPA Filters

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Breathing in pure, clean air is crucial for your health. Using filters in your home air circulation systems will ensure that your home is filled with clean, allergen-free air. The best filters are awarded the HEPA, or high-efficiency particulate air, label. Read on to discover how HEPA filters work and why they are important for keeping your home clean and healthy:

    What Are HEPA Filters?

    HEPA filters are composed of sheets of randomly arranged fibres, usually made of fibreglass. As air passes through the mat of fibres, allergens as small as molecules are trapped by the sheet of fibres, which prevents the airborne pathogens from circulating in your home.

    How HEPA Filters Work

    One way in which HEPA filters work is through interception, which occurs when a molecule in the air comes close enough to a fibre to adhere to it. Another method is through impaction, which occurs when larger particles are caught between two fibres in their path from one side of the filter to the other. HEPA filters also catch molecules through diffusion, which occurs when gas particles that pass through the filter bounce into each other and therefore pass more slowly through the filter.

    Why HEPA Filters Are So Effective

    HEPA filters are much more effective than standard air filters. In a regular filter, particles that are the same size as the smallest opening can pass through without being trapped. HEPA filters, on the other hand, are designed to collect much smaller pollutants. The intricate fibres within a HEPA filter trap pathogens before they can pass through to the other side, allowing only the purest air to circulate within your home.

    To learn more about how to keep the air in your home clean and free of particles that could aggravate allergies or asthma, call Green Apple at (866) 685-0321. We offer green house cleaning services to the residents of Ottawa.

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